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Lake Catholic students will use the MobileServe app, which logs, tracks, and verifies service. A start-up guide of how to use the App is available 在这里. Opportunities for service are promoted on the website and e-mail, 在CBN新闻, and in 神学 classes. 


The following parameters are designed to help students plan out their service for the school year:

新生: The Community 服务 Program is incorporated into the Freshmen 神学 课程. Students will complete ten (10) hours of service throughout the year.

二年级: Fifteen (15) hours of service to a church community completed by June 1 at the end of their sophomore year. All hours must be tracked within the MobileServe app.

下属: Fifteen (15) hours of service to a disenfranchised population completed by June 1 at the end of their junior year. All hours must be tracked within the MobileServe app.

老年人: Ten (10) hours of service to Lake Catholic completed by March 1 of their graduating year. All hours must be tracked within the MobileServe app.

Students must verify service using at least two of the means presented through MobileServe (geo-verification, 名字 & email of the site supervisor, a signature of the supervisor, and photos of themselves in action), one of which MUST be the supervisor's email. Students should double-check that they have entered the correct email address. Students should participate in a variety of service experiences that take them outside their comfort level over the course of the high school years.

Students are asked to record ALL service. Any service beyond the minimum requirement or performed outside the specific categories for the grade levels should be categorized as “Additional 服务” on the App. All additional service hours performed will be added to the total service hours to be counted towards service awards. All hours must be turned in by March 1st of senior year to be considered for service at graduation. 

Students who have not completed their service requirement for the previous school year will need to make up those hours during their current school year. Those students will be notified within the first few weeks of the school year. All requirements must be met in order to graduate and participate in graduation activities. Those who have not met their required service hours will not receive their schedules for next year until necessary documentation is turned into the 服务 Office via MobileServe. Students may begin accumulating hours as of June 1st of their eighth-grade year.


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