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In the World Language department, we believe that the study of language is of great value to the enrichment and growth of individuals, both as human beings and as Christians. We believe that the study of language broadens one’s perception of life, provides new insights into music, art and literature and increases one’s enjoyment of life. The study of other cultures helps to develop awareness, understanding, tolerance and acceptance of people who think and act differently and have different values. We want our students to gain an awareness and appreciation of others, realizing that though we may speak another language, we are all ONE in God’s image and likeness.

The World Language department strives to provide a curriculum and environment that fosters values of commitment to excellence, a spirit of respect and compassion, personal integrity, and willingness to serve. We accept students of various levels and abilities and strive to help them achieve personal and departmental goals.

The World Language department currently offers a four-year sequence of German, Latin, and Spanish. Our curriculum prepares students for college and life in a global society. Students are required to complete two years of the same world language in order to graduate from Lake Catholic High School. Many colleges require the study of a world language at the high school level for acceptance, so our department encourages students to study at least three years of the same world language. 

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