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At some point in your high school career, you will take either the ACT or the SAT. As a junior, the ACT will be given to you free of cost at school. But it is a good idea to take both tests and to take one of the tests multiple times. 一般, the second time you take either the SAT or ACT, you will see an improvement in your score due to general familiarity with the test and less test anxiety.

Most Lake Catholic students seem to prefer the ACT, but the SAT can be a great option as well, especially for those students who are strong in Math and 科学.

Our recommendation would be to take both tests, and then to take the test of your choice at least one more time.

The essay section for each test is optional, but we recommend taking the essay at least once. While it is not required for most schools’ admissions process, it is a f行为or that can help you gain acceptance into your college of choice (and it can不伤害 your admissions chances!) Consider the essay to be a “plus f行为or” that can only help, 不伤害, your chances at getting into your top choice school.

ACT/SAT Resources Available to You at Lake Catholic

ACT Prep Classes - October, January and May.  These eight-day prep class will provide an overview of the ACT, strategies to beat the test, updates to the test, collaboration time, pr行为ice resources and pr行为ice feedback. 

Free Pr行为ice Resources - Available in the Guidance Offices

在线- Both the SAT and ACT have great online pr行为ice resources to you, available for free! 导航到 行为.org or 坐.org. Khan Academy is a great test-prep resource.

Open Door Policy - If you have a question, or if you need help, Just Ask!

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